Blogging is a full-time job – and I walked right into it!

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This is a new skill so bear with me, please!  The aim of this blog is to post a running commentary of a walk of Hadrian’s Wall with my wife Chris.

The walk commences 26 May 14 at Wallsend in East Newcastle and completes on the evening of 31 May 14 at Bowness-on-Solway.

The walk is for two purposes:

1.   To raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer

2.  To promote and fundraise for PLANETS Charity (Pancreatic, Liver And Neuroendocrine Tumours).

As a lead-up to the actual walk itself, I’ll be blogging daily with an A to Z of my life-changing experience together with any interesting stories arising from the training and preparation for the walk itself.  During the period of the walk, the daily blogs will focus on progress along the route.  I hope to include pictures and where possible, video clips.

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Edit 2021.   The walk was completed without too many incidents. We walked around 250 miles to train for this 84-mile 6-day walk, mainly to make sure we were capable of sustaining a walk of between 12 and 15 miles in one day.

You can read about those 6 days here:

Click on each title below.

Day 1 – Newcastle

Day 2 – The wall is starting to show

Day 3 – The hilly bits (it was wet!)

Day 4 – More hills and more rain!

Day 5 – Downwards to Carlisle

Day 6 – Up to the Solway Firth – Scotland in view

It’s amazing when I think it was only ever going to be a temporary blog site simply to document my challenge and then it would be closed.  I would then find a new hobby!! However, I kept going and it is what it is today, 3 x award-winning based on it also being a community.  You can read the story of that here which includes reaching my milestone of 1 million views. 

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