From Blagging to Blogging

84 mile walk along a 2000 year old structure

Well I’ve been blagging it for years so now decided to ‘blog’ my blags.  This is a new skill so bear with me please!

The aim of this blog is to post a running commentary of a walk of Hadrian’s Wall with my wife Chris.

The walk commences 26 May 14 at Wallsend in East Newcastle and completes on the evening of 31 May 14 at Bowness-on-Solway.

The walk is for two purposes:

1.   To raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer

2.  To promote and fundraise for PLANETS Charity (Pancreatic, Liver And Neuroendocrine Tumours).

As a lead up to the actual walk itself, I’ll be blogging daily with an A to Z of my life changing experience together with any interesting stories arising from the training and preparation for the walk itself.  During the period of the walk, the daily blogs will focus on progress along the route.  I hope to include pictures and where possible, video clips.

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