Quick Thank You

This isn’t my daily blog article but a short note to say thanks to those who are reading via Twitter and Facebook plus new readers from other sources.  I was extremely pleased to see my record of daily views and likes smashed yesterday to an all time high. Additional thanks to those who are already sharing my message and I hope it has been useful to all readers in some way no matter how small.

I’ve received several personal messages of support from friends, patients and relatives of patients.  If you like my blog, please feel free to share and recommend it widely and note I’m open to feedback so I can improve it going forward or just to get confirmation I’ve got it just right.

Also I’m now international with readers in USA, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Bahrain, Barbados and Switzerland.  Wow!

What I can promise you going forward is straight hard hitting personal facts about my own condition but with a bit of humour thrown in with it and hopefully intermingled with some interesting story lines.   Clearly I’ll also be using it to track progress along Hadrian’s Wall 26-31 May.

Will be back later with some ‘G’ words – tricky one.

Thank you.



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