Shrek and Princess Fiona

Shrek and Fiona
Shrek and Princess Fiona

I was looking through some old photographs and came across this one I thought you guys might like.  It’s pre-diagnosis round 2008 (although I didn’t know cancer was growing inside me). As you can see, despite being an ogre, Shrek is actually quite a handsome chap! Moreover, Princess Fiona is as you would expect, beautiful and radiant. There’s a bit of a story behind this picture as Chris was in fact not very well at the time.

This picture was taken in Anaheim (LA) in Disneyland California in 2008. We were there with Chris’s brother Gerry (a mad ex paratrooper) and his lovely wife Babs.  Poor Chris developed a mild pneumonia on day 1 when we were in San Francisco having been a bit peaky on the plane. Despite a $600 antibiotic ‘shot’ in the ‘jacksie’, she spent the first couple of days in bed and was still not right when we drove from there to Yosemite; and then onto Death Valley and Vegas. She was actually starting to perk up by the time we got to LA but still looked weak and pale. Fortunately the photographer was able to put some colour in her cheeks and as you can also see, was able to put some flesh onto mine!Joking aside, looking at some of the other pictures from that period, I was certainly a bit ‘chubbier’ in the face than I am now (yes that is me on the left).

We’ve been back to USA 3 times since my diagnosis – can’t let cancer think it’s winning! 

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2 thoughts on “Shrek and Princess Fiona

  • Gerald Cox

    I can remeber a ghost on the Queen Mary Long Beach, Blazing tooth ache from hell, drinking white russian with a gay red Indian and his cowboy mate, running a marathon to retrieve my camera I left in the bog, thrown out of bar for whistling at the bar maid and having a fight with a stupid Chinese tram driver in Frisco, managed to delete 6 days of classic pictures from my memory card while being gassed from fumes of an indoor sewage interceptor tank in the abandoned Hotel Amagosa, having a great jive in Peggy Sue’s dinner after making a mistake asking her “have you got pie”? only just mention only few non dull moments on holiday with Gerry Cox

  • That is one scary photograph. Please don’t show it to your grandchildren, they won’t sleep in weeks. I thought Gerry had been in the Royal Navy and then went back into uniform when he left as a ‘Traffic Warden’!

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