Just got (a) shot in the buttocks

San Francisco Pier 39 - 2008
San Francisco Pier 39 – 2008

I love watching films and Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors. He’s played such a wide range of parts and I’ve found every single one of his films enjoyable.  I think the first one I remember was ‘Big’ – a cracking family film for all ages. When I saw the large floor piano keyboard in Schwartz toy store in New York, I had to give it a go!  On the opposite side of the scale, he’s also played in some quite gory films such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’ – the first 20 minutes sure tested out my surround sound and subwoofer! However, one of my firm favourites is Forrest Gump.  A multi-decade spectacular, amazing acting, amazing locations, amazing visual effects where they depict Forrest Gump meeting dead US Presidents.  Anybody else got a picture of themselves sitting on the Forrest Gump bench with their feet in the shoes? One of the most famous quotes from the film is the ‘but-tocks’ scene but don’t worry, I’m not going to show you mine like Forrest did with President Lyndon B Johnson 🙂

I actually did get a ‘shot’ in my buttocks this morning, as I do every 4 weeks.  This is a fairly standard treatment for Neuroendocrine Cancer patients who presented with ‘Carcinoid Syndrome’, although I suspect some non-syndromic patients might also be receiving this treatment.  As a reminder, the incidence of Neuroendocrine Cancer is rare. Although Carcinoid is the most common type of Neuroendocrine Cancer, it is therefore also rare. Statistics vary but it would appear Carcinoid Syndrome only effects 10% of those with this type of cancer, so NET Carcinoid Patients with the syndrome are particularly rare.  The main side effect of the syndrome for me was facial flushing. That was on my side as it made the diagnosis easier. I’ve discussed this treatment a few times but see here for more detail: http://wp.me/p4AplF-2w

Currently I don’t appear to suffer any major side effects of Carcinoid Syndrome and am classed as stable and non-syndromic.  However, that is probably as a result of my debulking surgery and the administration of Lanreotide ‘shot’ every 4 weeks.  I also think my progress is helped by my recent exercising regime – see a blog here for more details: http://wp.me/p4AplF-2e

That’s all I have to say about that 🙂


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One of the reasons I’m fundraising for PLANETS Charity is to support the acquisition of something known as IntraOperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). This is an intensive radiation treatment that’s administered during surgery. IORT is used to treat cancers that are difficult to remove during surgery and there is a concern that microscopic amounts of cancer may remain. IORT allows direct radiation to the target area while sparing normal surrounding tissue.  Many of the cancers supported by PLANETS present with some difficult tumour areas.

IORT allows higher effective doses of radiation to be used compared to conventional radiation therapy. It’s not always possible to use very high doses during conventional radiation therapy, since sensitive organs could be nearby. IORT also allows doctors to temporarily move nearby organs or shield them from radiation exposure.

There are plans to install a fixed IORT in a new bunker theatre in Southampton, due to be built in 2016-17 (using NHS funding). However, PLANETS is trying to kick-start this project in advance on a mobile IORT radiotherapy machine. The possibility of leasing a machine using PLANETS funding as an initial income guarantee is being considered by exploring the logistics of this service and developing a business case with a view to starting within 2014-15. This would enable medical teams to give radio-therapy to patients in theatre immediately after removing their tumours to reduce the risk of them coming back, by killing any remaining cancer cells.  This is likely to be one of the very first deployments of this technology in the UK.

Read about other exciting developments and events here: http://www.planetscharity.org

See you tomorrow?


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  • Jim

    Ronny, I’m reading them every day. A very brave guy who I’m proud to know – Train hard walk easy – Take care Pal. Jim S

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