Neuroendocrine Cancer: When you get years added to your life, it’s important to get life added to your years


Self Pity or Self Help? 

I’m not one for wallowing in self-pity or accepting invites to pity parties.  It’s not my style. Things happen in life, and some are impossible to undo so I want to get on with my life in the best way possible. To some of you, that may sound harsh and insensitive, but I don’t lack empathy for others (my advocacy work is a testament to that) and I’m constantly sympathising with others in my quest to help them via my blog, Facebook pages, and private Facebook group (see green box below) which is the biggest in the world because I’m known for helping.  I admit that some people are beyond my type of help, but I always suggest they should speak to specialists in the area where they need the help.  My disclaimer looks after most scenarios. p.s. I don’t like having a disclaimer as I’m a genuine person, but it was advice I took some years ago.

I’ve written many blog posts on this subject.  I even suggested to an ENETS conference panel that this was an unmet need because many NET patients having been diagnosed late and undergone treatment, need help because it often means a reduced quality of life. At least one doctor (a NET specialist) seemed to take umbrage at my suggestion.  However, when I look at some of the output from the national NET organisations/foundations, it would appear I was not alone in suggesting that more help is required to support people post-diagnosis/treatment.

Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer – it takes guts

Neuroendocrine Cancer – it takes guts

On the Cancer Journey, don’t forget to live your life

On the Cancer Journey, don’t forget to live your life

I thought I was going to die, I didn’t

I thought I was going to die. I didn’t


I am not a doctor or any form of medical professional, practitioner or counsellor. None of the information on my website, or linked to my website(s), or conveyed by me on any social media or presentation, should be interpreted as medical advice given or advised by me. 

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