We Remember – A message of hope in the time of the Coronavirus!

This post was generated at the height of the pandemic and is not medical advice, moreover, it should not be considered up to date.  For the latest information for your cancer in regard COVID RISKS and VACCINES, please speak directly to your specialist doctor or follow your national health organisation’s guidance.

I really like this video because it covers the positives of the coronavirus crisis, despite the daily gloom. At the time of writing, it’s clear things will get worse before they improve. However, this crisis will end sometime, hopefully soon; and we’ll look back on this period with multiple emotions. Of course we will be sad about those who died and for the lives that were changed. But we will also look back fondly at how we dealt with these changes, the new ways of thinking, new outlooks, new friends, new relationships and new communities.

Personally, I can’t wait for this crisis to be a distant memory but we should all remember the positive things happening now and that will hopefully be maintained going forward. There will be new communities and togetherness.

Please stay safe all

Click the picture below to watch the 2 minute video. It really cheered me up and made me more hopeful.  I hope it does the same for you.

We Remember was created by “The Social Co”, a team who have since provided innovative social media marketing to more than 300 businesses across the UK.

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One thought on “We Remember – A message of hope in the time of the Coronavirus!

  • Tom Wilson

    Ahhh. An uplifting, positive message. I do believe that when we come out of the other end of this tunnel, there will be life long changes in how we live. Hopefully more family togetherness. Maybe more home cooking and eating together as a family. Being more considerate. Needing less things. Wanting more interaction. Using fewer resources. Staying in more touch with friends and relatives beyond a quick online chat or tweet. A real, honest to goodness phone call. Maybe even a paper letter the likes of which existed for centuries. A simpler time.

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