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What is the ‘Patients Included’ charter?

The Patients Included patient information resources charter provides organisations with a means of demonstrating their commitment to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition by ensuring their involvement in the authoring of information concerning a given disease. You can find out more about the patients included charter by clicking here.

I am a big believer that patients should be included in all aspects of healthcare and I can very much relate to this initiative.  I’m now listed as accredited site here.

1. Patients participate in the co-creation, delivery, and review of the resources produced.

I am a cancer patient and the owner of RonnyAllan.NET site. I undertake all of these processes in the creation, delivery and review of the resources provided. Feedback from other patients is both acceptable and welcome and if necessary will result in an update of a particular page or article. Articles are reviewed, updated and redistributed regularly. In total, my site including connected apps, has over 14,000 direct followers (baseline audience).

2. The disability requirements of participants are accommodated.

As far as is practicable, I will format my online services to ensure access for all. I have added a language widget for basic translation into numerous languages.

3. Patients are provided with the necessary support to fully contribute.

All of my activity is online and all published blog articles and pages have comments enabled. The site is able to be followed through subscription via another blog account or by email. Some of the collaboration with other patients (including non-NETs) is done via messaging or online video channels.

4. All resources must be freely accessible either in print and/or digitally from the internet or via a mobile app.

My content is completely free and accessible to all online. 

5. All resources must be patient-centred, free of jargon and undefined acronyms, and prepared in plain language.

The subjects I write about are fairly technical, but I am well known for breaking this down into ‘patient speak’. Here’s a patient testimonial which is published on my home page: He’s published a number of fantastic articles that take very technical topics and make them completely accessible for patients and their families to understand”.

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