Drum Roll – Ronny Allan wins WEGO Best in Show ‘Community’ 2016



Very happy to win the WEGO 2016 Best in Show Community which is some ways is a recognition for my blog based on the fact is at the core of what I do and in many ways, the other apps are (currently) just ‘fronts’ for this output.  Whether you read my blog direct from WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform you find it, you are all members of this award-winning community!

My WEGO Profile is here – look out for the updates!  I’ll expand this blog once the dust settles as this award opens up new avenues for the Neuroendocrine Cancer (NETs) and I’ll be involved in new and exciting activities.

Many thanks for everything you’ve done!


Thanks for listening


Hey Guys, I’m also active on Facebook which comprises the bulk of my award-winning community.  Like my page for even more news.


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8 thoughts on “Drum Roll – Ronny Allan wins WEGO Best in Show ‘Community’ 2016”

  1. Well done Ronny – so deserved. Your blogs certainly give great information and support for us patients.

  2. Ronny, you are stellar in my book! If I must be a zebra, I am glad to be in the community of zebras like you!

  3. Congratulations, Ronny, you are a winner in every category in our opinion! Your blog is fantastic and we highly recommend it to all members of the NET Cancer community. Kudos on your WEGO Health Award and for being an amazing advocate for NET Cancer awareness!

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