Neuroendocrine Cancer Nutrition Series Part 6 – featuring the 2020 video series by Tara Whyand RD

Nutrition is an important subject for many cancers but it is particularly important for Neuroendocrine Cancer. In the previous parts of this series I focused on the following:

Article 1 – Vitamin and Mineral Challenges. This was co-authored by Tara Whyand, UK’s most experienced NET Specialist Dietitian. This blog provides a list of vitamins and minerals which NET Cancer patients are at risk for deficiencies, together with some of the symptoms which might be displayed in a deficiency scenario.

Article 2 – Malabsorption. Overlapping slightly into Part 1, this covers the main side effects of certain NET surgical procedures and other mainstream treatments. Input from Tara Whyand.

Article 3 – ‘Gut Health’. This followed on from the first two blogs looking specifically at the issues caused by small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) as a consequence of cancer treatment. Also discusses probiotics. Input from Tara Whyand.

Article 4 – ‘Food for thought The issue of amines and syndromes

Article 5 – ‘Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy. The role of PERT (Creon etc) in helping NET Patients. Input from Tara Whyand

In this article, the 6th in the series, I wanted to introduce or re-introduce one of the world’s top NET Specialist Dietitians – Tara Whyand RD. Tara has operational dietitian experience plus has also been heavily involved in research in support of the nutritional needs of Neuroendocrine Cancer patients. She attends and speaks at many conferences and patient meetings. I am thankful to have her permission to publish her 2020 video webcasts containing the latest thinking on Diet and Nutrition for Neuroendocrine Cancer patients.  The first video is a general introduction to the series plus the following linked episodes published as at 5th March 2020 (I’ll add others when published).

  • Episode 1 – Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency
  • Episode 2 – Protein and Cancer
  • Episode 3 – The Ileum and Ileum Surgery
  • Episode 4 – Sugar, Cancer and the Ketogenic Diet
  • Episode 5 – How to Gain Weight
  • Episode 6 – Hair Loss and Nutrition
  • Episode 7 – Zinc
  • Episode 8 – Chemotherapy and Supplements
  • Episode 9 – Surgery and the Pancreas
  • Episode 10 – Niacin

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{a} Read a Gut Surgery Diet Booklet authored by Tara – click here

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(c) Tara’s website – click here

(d) Tara’s YouTube site – click here

Tara is also a member of my private Facebook patient support group – you can join here by answering a couple of simple questions – click here to join.

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