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2020 was a different year due to the pandemic and it has spilled over into 2021 – this has had the effect of being slightly down on the 2019 figures.  I also changed tack on one of my pages adding a ‘coping’ theme rather than writing new blog posts.  This also had the effect of reducing blog hits for the year but very happy under the circumstances. 

Much of the effort in 2020 was directed in building up my private group, the fastest growing and biggest NET group on earth 

Of the approximately 336,000 views of my blog site in 2020, the top 10 articles account for almost 70,000.  They are a mix of my top awareness posts and the posts which are popular with patients and their supporters, mainly because they are so helpful (I’m told).

Thanks for supporting me in 2020, I hope to improve my services to you in 2021, in particular via my website (which will contain my blog articles and other useful stuff).

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5.  Lanreotide vs Octreotide

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Today – the following figure is the total number of views of my blog! Can you help me get to 3 million?

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