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2016 Best in Show: Community winner. 2018 Best in Show: Blog “Internationally known Neuroendocrine Cancer Patient Leader – Ronny Allan is certainly making his mark on the online health community”
NET Research Foundation wrote: Thank you, Ronny Allan. We deeply appreciate your advocacy and support for the global NET community. Together we can make a difference and move forward faster, stronger, and more successfully.
Carcinoid Cancer Foundation wrote: “Blogs by Ronny Allan are a must read!” ….and: “Ronny Allan is one of our favorite bloggers – we highly recommend his blogs. He’s a fantastic advocate for neuroendocrine cancer and is definitely raising awareness …” ….and: “We look forward to reading all of your posts!”


Macmillan wrote: “Brilliant Blogger”
Arisen Strength wrote: “Ronny Allan is dedicated to making a difference! And that makes him MORE than the challenges he faces!”


CKN wrote: “You are a wonderful voice in cancer advocacy”
Kanga Health wrote: “Proud to have worked on this project with some marvellous people including Ronny Allan (NET Cancer Blog)”
The Pheo Para Alliance wrote: “a courageous patient …. and his blog that is inspirational and educational”
  • Pheochromocytoma Support Foundation wrote “Ronny Allan is a wonderful advocate in the world of NET Cancer. We especially like him here, because he is so positive”
  • Northwoods NETS (Minnesota Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Cancer Support Group) wrote: “He’s published a number of fantastic articles that take very technical topics and make them completely accessible for patients and their families to understand”

A selection of comments from individuals and NET patients

  • Josh Pyle, Senior Marketing Director for WEGO Health and co-founder of River Otter Interactive Inc … It is hard to find the quality of content and mix of science, lifestyle and hope that you consistently show the world.  It is refreshing and inspiring to say the least. I hope you realise the positive impact you have on real people
  • Dr Jane Maher, Cancer doctor, Chief Medical Officer at Macmillan Cancer Support. wrote “What a very helpful blog – for health professionals too”
  • Dr Eric Liu (Internationally Recognized Neuroendocrine Tumor Surgeon) wrote: Great blog Ronny. Thank you for sharingandgreat job with the blogs. Keep up the good work
  • Terry commented: “Numbers alone support your “I am not a zebra” approach
  • Randy commented: “Ronny, your feel good posts and vital information are a miracle
  • Kay commented: “You have saved my sanity”
  • Ann commented: “You could’ve curled into a ball after your NET diagnosis. Instead, you chose to fight, learn and educate us all. Thank you so much”
  • Debbie wrote: “The best and most informative place on Facebook“.
  • Jennifer commented: “Thank you for all you do. When I was being treated for breast cancer, I never found a group that was so information driven. Love this group!”
  • Cindy commented: “You gave me hope when I had little”
     commented: “Carry on your good work Ronny, my consultant says he learns a lot from you!”
  • Lorrie commented: “There is a reason I keep coming back here again and again, and rereading your blogs – you have become a calming force in my life!”
  • Les tweeted: “Ronny Allan is simply inspirational”
  • Dorothy wrote: “You light up our lives Ronny”
  • Liz wrote: Your posts and words are so very very important for helping people understand more.  In terms of awareness, your methods are 100 times more potent than a zebra picture
  • Roddy wrote: As a newcomer observer of the world of NETs, it is amazing how much is happening, your blog and links and advocacy are gold dust”
  • Billy wrote: “I am always happy when I get a notification (one of very few that I allow) that you have posted something new to your blog. I appreciate your honesty and your approach towards the subjects you address. I can always count on knowing that you give a fair and balanced perspective. Thanks for that
  • Teresa wrote: Thank you so much. We have so many “blogs” websites, etc., that seem to cause me more anxiety than help. It is so refreshing to read your blogs. I always learn something new”
  • Su En wrote: “I am so happy that I have found you Ronny. You are expressing exactly how I feel and I no longer feel alone. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience”
  • Marilyn wrote: “Wonderfully written, poignant and, most importantly, so encouraging! Thank you!”
  • Dave wrote: “I’m very happy to have found your blog. You do a great job of educating without scaring”
  • Genevieve wrote: “It’s a very comforting thing to me! Please don’t ever stop!”
  • Helen wrote: “Ronny Allan’s blog is the greatest. A mine of information
  • Vanuitdebuikcommented: “I am more convinced than before that patient stories are so important to the medical world (doctors, surgeons, pathologists, pharma industry, etc.) and for fellow patients. That proves the inspirational blog of Ronny Allan. What he does with his blog is phenomenal. He is an association on his own.”
  • Theresa wrote: “Thank you for such a great blog. I have been following it and you provide information that should be published in a manual that every NET patient would benefit from the day they are diagnosed!”
  • Susan wrote: “Ronny, I’m so thankful for your well written blog. You may well help to save someone’s life”
  • Alex wrote: “The information in your blogs on everything from initial discovery to all the new drugs etc has made such a difference for me. I just wanted you to know that what you do is valued and absolutely worth it”
  • Sean wrote: “Thank you for helping me through the tough times with your blogs, you have genuinely changed the way I think for the better“
  • Ed  wrote: “You do such a great job raising awareness and your articles are so full of useful information. I just wanted to say thank you!”
  • Sue wrote: “The closest NET support group is over 300 kilometres away from here, so I use Ronny’s Blog as my support and inspiration
  • Cheryl (Psy.D) wrote: “Great guy & great blog. Never ending commitment to neuroendocrine disease & neuroendocrine cancer”
  • Lyn wrote: “You’ve given me the greatest gift … you’ve given me hope”
  • Paula wrote: “You should write a book! I would definitely buy”
  • Michael wrote: “The medical data, insight and experience Ronny collates and shares on his website and FB page on this disease (NET cancer) have been an enormous source of information and hope for me and my family”
  • Gaynor wrote: “To be honest, I don’t go anywhere else”
  • Lisa wrote: “Ronny is the most valuable resource that NET Cancer peeps have”
  • Leena wrote: “You do such great work even for us who have Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (NEC), God bless you!”
  • Catherine wrote: “Yours is the only blog I subscribe to. Essential reading.”
  • David wrote: “I have NETS websites (treatment and organisations that I read down to three now and you are included. So much info out there and can be overwhelming but I really like reading your site/blogs
  • Joel wrote: “Thank the gods for Ronny Allan !!! I’ve learned so much about my neuroendocrine Cancer by paying attention to your blogs. Thank you again & again“.
  • Kay wrote: “Thank you for everything, I never feel alone now“.
  • Jason wrote: “Thank you Ronny, its hard for me to think what this journey would be like without you compassion and expertise”.
  • Donna wrote: “Ronny, I just can’t thank you enough for the information you provide”.
  • Vince wrote: “You bring light to an otherwise very dark world.”.

A selection of Featured Blog Posts: Ronny’s blogs have been featured by various organisations – here’s a selection:

The following organisations have advertised Ronny Allan’s blog site by linking to it from their own website:

WEGO Health

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

Cancer Knowledge Network

The Pheo Para Alliance (featured on their Facebook site)

The Pheochromocytoma Support Foundation

The Pheo Para Project

Big Apple NETs

Northwoods NETS 

Le Sourire de Sabrina

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