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I promised you an A-Z so here are some ‘A‘ headlines:

Agenda.  The walk is 84 miles long – Chris and I will be walking from East to West over 6 days as follows:

25 May – Staying with friends near Newcastle

26 May – Wallsend to Heddon-on-the-Wall (with Nick Naylor)

27 May – Heddon-on-the-Wall to Chollerford 

28 May – Chollerford to Once Brewed (with Dave Taylor)

29 May – Once Brewed to Lanercost (nr Brampton) (with Jim Waterson)

30 May – Lanercost to Carlisle

31 May – Carlisle to Bowness on-Solway

1 Jun – Lazy breakfast in our lodgings and then head south homewards!


I’ve had some amazing support from ex Army colleagues, not just a donation to the cause but also the use of their time and access to their contacts.  I mentioned some of my ex Army friends in yesterday’s blog:

What’s it all about?

Offers are still arriving so watch this space for further updates.   Certa Cito


Neuroendocrine tumours don’t really like alcohol.  I can only remember having 3 pints of beer in the last 9 months.  However, I might just have a celebratory drink at Bowness on-Solway!  I suspect it’s close enough to ‘gods country’ to sell pints of ‘heavy’ 🙂


I was initially diagnosed with this condition following a low hemoglobin blood test result after a routine visit to an Asthma clinic. I didn’t actually have Anemia but thank god I got the blood test which, to cut a long story short, eventually led to the correct diagnosis – Neuroendocrine Cancer.  Top tip – always take the opportunity to get a routine blood test, better to find problems sooner rather than later.  Also, go for the blood test quickly, I took 3 weeks to get the test done.  In the end, it probably didn’t make much difference to my outcome but in other more aggressive cancers, that could have been life or death.


Also called a ‘blood thinner’.  I had major surgery in Nov 10 and a follow up scan in Jan 11 found some clots on my right lung.  I was immediately put on an anticoagulant in the form of a daily self-administered injection.  Today I will inject for the 1204th time!  I will be injecting myself daily during the walk.

Axillary Nodes

Lymph nodes, also called lymph glands, found in the armpit (axilla).  I had some disease in my left axilla which was found by a very specialist scan.  I had these chopped out in Feb 12 and they tested positive albeit they were found to be low grade. Technically speaking this was breast surgery but I still don’t get to run in Race for Life (boo hiss!)

Hope you found this interesting and looking forward to the ‘B‘s ?

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