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Decided to do a one off today after reading a story published on 7 May on the PLANETS Charity Facebook page


The is a story about a lady who was faced with one of the most deadly cancers – Pancreatic Cancer, where the 5 year survival rate has not risen for the last 40 years (another story for another time).  Young and fit people can struggle with this cancer and its treatment so it must be ultra tough at 83.  Her attitude and strength of character in facing up to this terrible disease is very inspiring to me and an example to all.

My own cancer type is not as dangerous as this one.  However, I did have some fairly extensive surgery from the same surgeon and reading this story brought back some memories from Nov 2010.  Neil Pearce had already told me in the pre operative consultations, that an important factor for him was a positive attitude from the patient to help get through difficult major surgery. I remember telling him I was ‘up for it’.  He had also deemed me to be ‘young and fit’.  At 55, I was happy with that!

One of the things that really surprised me about major surgery was the speed at which the physiotherapists attempt to get you out of bed.  Having around 12 tubes protruding from various parts of my body didn’t seem to put them off despite the obvious medical and ergonomic difficulties.   The number of tubes did gradually reduce as certain parts healed and bodily functions resumed. However, each physio session was painful and a lot of effort and willpower was required.  I remember not wanting to play this game around day 4 or 5 due to feeling totally washed out (my words to the physio) and I resisted all attempts to ‘go walkies’.  Neil visited that evening clearly concerned by the physio’s report.  Pep talk complete, he left me with the following words “remember, you’re a winner”.  I was up the next day sprinting round the hospital complete with tubes and glad to be back on the physio’s Christmas card list.

I also had a ‘wobble’ last year (another story for another time), but I’m now beyond that stage with a very positive frame of mind………….and I feel much better for it.  Onwards and upwards.

So why is the title of the blog “Queen Mother of the Isle of Wight” ?  I’m not saying, so please read the article, it might just inspire you too.


RIP Gloria Minghella, I dedicate this blog to you.


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