Is there life on other Planets?


When I was a young lad, I was fascinated by Astronomy.  Not only could I tell you the name of each Planet in order of distance from the sun, but also the actual distance!  In those days, space travel was really taking off culminating in the first manned moon landing in 1969.  I remember staying up all night with my dad so I could watch it on TV (in black and white of course).  The talk then was of where next, Mars? After all this time, we still haven’t landed people on that Planet – just shows you the complexity of such missions (and cost of course).  Nobody ever expected to find life on the moon but the excitement about finding life outside earth was as exciting then as it is now.

I just googled the manned moon landing to make sure I got the year correct for the blog and sure enough the internet delivered once again. I also got carried away and started researching all the Planets in our Solar System.  Interestingly, one of my searches uncovered the fact that Pluto is no longer considered a proper Planet (nobody told me!).  However, my searches also uncovered that Pluto has been replaced by a young stellar object called Pancreatic, Liver and Neuroendocrine Tumours (PLANETS).

It’s no secret that I’m now closely involved with PLANETS and I can confirm there is definitely life on it!  I’m delighted be part of the team and I really want to help them achieve their goals and mission. I won’t regurgitate the content of previous blogs here but please browse through their website starting from this page which is a good primer:

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Finally, as you know Chris (Princess Fiona) and I (Shrek) are fundraising for PLANETS by walking Hadrian’s Wall starting on 26 May 14.  It would be fantastic if you could contribute to our cause, any amount would be very much appreciated.

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