Namaste Irrfan Khan

Instagram by Irrfan Khan on 19th March 2018 from “The Dorchester”

Irrfan Khan, Indian actor and producer, well-known for movies, Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi, Jurassic World, The Amazing Spider-Man, has been diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine Cancer.

What type of NET?

Irrfan released information on 19 June 2018 indicating it was a high grade Neuroendocrine Cancer – although there is no detail of the ‘differentiation‘ that would indicate a ‘Neuroendocrine Tumour’ (NET) or a ‘Neuroendocrine Carcinoma’ (NEC). There have been no confirmed reports about the primary location. Read his “Note from London” here

I’m sure we all wish the best for him.

Where is he being treated?

Irrfan initially said he would be travelling “overseas” for treatment.  Fox News (USA) said that “he hasn’t elaborated on his treatment plan, though he did say he would be treated somewhere outside the U.S.”  This has been contradicted by other online sources in India claiming he will be treated in USA.  However, there are now firm reports he is in London for treatment by a London based NET Specialist.  He has posted on Instagram from “The Dorchester” (lead picture), and his announcement on 19 June 2018 was entitled “A note from London”.

Is this generating awareness of NETs?

Yes and we in the community should be thankful to Irrfan for going public. However, initially, the news resulted in a flurry of items about Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET), some accurate, some not so accurate.  Many commentators made assumptions of a brain tumour based on the ‘Neuro’ part of the word Neuroendocrine, this was dismissed by Irrfan in his initial tweet statement.

I noted a 3000% increase in blog hits from India since the news hit.  I’ve had many google alerts since the announcement was made and they all mainly contain simple facts.  Some commentators have done their own research and are interpreting and then printing many strange things which are wrong about NETs.  It follows that some of the awareness being generated is not the highest quality we should expect.  However, this article gives a good insight into how NETs are managed on India.

What happens next?

This article will be kept live as I hear more news of his diagnosis and treatment.

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  1. As a survivor of Carcinoid NET cancer myself, I wish you a speedy recovery..stick to only specialist in this kind of cancer is my advise to you.

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