LUTATHERA (PRRT) – NETTER 2 Clinical Trial for Grade 2/Grade 3 Neuroendocrine Neoplasms

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Brief Summary

The NETTER-1 trials led to the approval of Lu177 (or Lutathera), more commonly known in the community as Peptide Receptor Radio Therapy (PRRT).  This led to an explosion of availability across the world but many gaps in service remain.

Many PRRT spin off trials are in the pipeline looking at different types of PRRT, mainly using slightly different radionuclides and techniques.  However, NETTER-2 builds on the success of the approved version formally known as Lutathera.

The aim of NETTER-2 is to determine if Lutathera in combination with long-acting octreotide prolongs PFS in GEP-NET patients with high proliferation rate tumors (G2 and G3), when given as a first line treatment compared to treatment with high dose (60 mg) long-acting octreotide. Somatostatin analog (SSA) naive patients are eligible, as well as patients previously treated with SSAs in the absence of progression. This is a phase 3 trial that will be hoping for 222 participants at multiple locations.

This is an exciting trial because there are already data produced indicating that PRRT can be used on high grade tumours providing they have sufficient and efficient somatostatin receptors and a Ki67 of less than 55%.  2019 Updated data for Grade 3 Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: “Compared to studies evaluating the efficacy of chemotherapy for NEN patients with a Ki-67 index less than or equal to 55 percent, PRRT has a longer overall survival rate–22 months versus 14 months,” the researchers pointed out. “These results suggest that PRRT, rather than chemotherapy, may be a superior first-line therapeutic option in selected patients with a high level of SSTR expression and a Ki-67 index of less than or equal to 55%.”  Read more here.

This article will be fleshed out in due course. No locations listed yet.  Not recruiting yet.  Criteria listed – important section if this trial interests you. Clinical Trials document here.

In the meantime, read more about Lutathera (PRRT) by clicking here.

This looks like a very exciting development.

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4 thoughts on “LUTATHERA (PRRT) – NETTER 2 Clinical Trial for Grade 2/Grade 3 Neuroendocrine Neoplasms

  • David

    Hi Ronny a concern of the NETTER 2 trial by leading experts is that they would never give 60mg octreotide to G3 patients as first line treatment. For this trial to be ethical and really have a comparative arm it should compare PRRT with standard of care which is Chemotherapy. It may be very hard to recruit to ethically?

  • Carole Way

    Hi Ronny
    Just an update. Spoke to my NET nurse and UHCW at Coventry are now able to offer PRRT, so perhaps you could check this is correct and add to the UK list. Cheers.

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