Forget the posturing, it’s results that matter


Good Results
Good Results


You can tell there is a football competition on and they don’t get bigger than the World Cup which I believe is one of the world’s great sporting competitions second only to the Olympics?  Like it or not, this is a time when football fans suddenly become experts, apparently knowing even more about the game than the managers, players, pundits and commentators – particularly in hindsight after the match!  Is it just me or do you also wonder why these ‘armchair pundits’ aren’t in the aforementioned jobs 🙂

Social media has increased the reach of the armchair pundits and consequently we now have to listen to running commentaries of every game and of course their disapproval of any decision or infringement against the team they support or favour (often citing it as the reason why their team didn’t win).  I suppose it’s always been like that and football fans don’t appear to have changed over the years, even though many of the players are now more or less overpaid celebrities rather than sportsmen (the use of gender is intentional).  But we should take all this posturing with a pinch of salt (players and armchair pundits), as it’s the results that actually matter!

Bad Results
Bad Results



If you’ve been following my blog (and if not, why not!), you’ll have noticed I’ve been undergoing some testing.  Firstly I had a bone scan in April, a Chromogranin A blood test prior to the Hadrian’s Wall walk and a 5HIAA urine test around the same time.  On return from the Wall, I went straight into an Echocardiogram and I’ve just completed a 3 day Octreotide/SPECT scan session.  I’ve been a busy boy!   All these tests have outputs which will be collated and analysed by my Consultant Oncologist. No matter how well I feel, how well I look, how active I’ve been and how sanctimonious I feel about doing all the things that are good for me, it’s the results that actually matter and in cancer treatment they matter a great deal.  I’ll be seeing my Oncologist in about 2 hours to find out the latest results.  Hoping for a Manchester City outcome 🙂

You can refresh your knowledge of these tests here:

  • Bone Density Scan – I haven’t actually covered this before but basically I need one of these annually to keep an eye on my bone density. The scan is known as Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry or DEXA for short.  Osteoporosis is a risk of long-term use of Anti-coagulants (blood thinners). See:



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