2 Million!

Today – the following figure is the total number of views of my blog! Can you help me get to 3 million?

Today, 27th October 2022, I can confirm the 2 million views milestone has been reached. 

I was totally astonished to have been able to accumulate a million views of my blog around the middle of June 2019 and in December 2020, a Christmas present of one and a half million!  Fast forward to November 2021 and it’s one and three-quarters million.

That is THANKS to you guys for reading and sharing. 

When I first set up this blog in Apr 2014, it was just to help spread awareness (and collect a few pennies) whilst I was walking the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall with my wife Chris. I never thought for one minute I would reach a thousand hits let alone 2 million: whilst accumulating around 20,000 followers across all my social media sites.

Will I aim for 3 million?  I will leave that up to you, my readers. THANK YOU!

My key aims are international-level awareness, advocacy, campaigning, and support for all Neuroendocrine Cancer patients via all my social media accounts. I’m not your regular Neuroendocrine Cancer advocate and I do things differently rather than follow the crowd. I’m certain that fact has played a part in getting to this stage.

People often ask me how I’ve been able to build up my sites and it’s a tricky question because I’m not sure what happened! I just put my head down and attacked the task in my usual tenacious way – so I guess that’s part of my subconscious and inbuilt strategy. I did author an article about my blog journey for WEGO Health for those interested – read here.  I’ll approach WEGO Health (now Health Union) to see if they wanted to update this to 2 million!)

easy post to update!!!

My blog is central to my activities and through this medium and some others, I’ve really invented my own brand of Neuroendocrine Cancer awareness. I pride myself on being an international and independent writer which allows me the freedom of movement I need. So far, I’ve managed to win THREE international awards breaking through into new areas for awareness. It’s difficult for a Brit to win in what is essentially a US awards programme. In 2016, I won the WEGO Health Best in Show Community plus a finalist in another category, made it to 3 finals in 2017/18, and then won Best in Show Blog in 2018. I took a break from entering these words in 20-19/2020 but in 2021 I was in 2 finals and won the Lifetime Achievement award.  You can read my WEGO history here.

Other Advocate Activities

I don’t just write a blog! I’ve also spoken at many events and to pharma/healthcare-only audiences including Ipsen Global Paris, Ipsen UK, Ipsen Germany, Ono Pharma UK, Royal Marsden Hospital, Eye for Pharma London 2018, EUHIC Berlin 2018, Society and College of Radiographers.  I’ve also presented to a few UK and overseas patient groups, including the UK, Scotland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Middle East.  You can see some of those talks here

I’m also a contributor to Cure Magazine although only two articles published to date (soooooo busy!) – but read those here.

Credit: Ipsen Group (https://www.ipsen.com/patients/)

Other invitations include the making of an educational video for Lex Pharma, helping to create and featured in Ipsen‘s patient support website Living with NETs, a photo shoot for a Macmillan Cancer internet campaign (click here), a photo and video shoot for Ipsen as a member of the European Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) (click here). I’ve also been featured and/or mentioned in numerous other locations – read my blog site home page to read more.

Board Membership

Member of the following boards:

  1. 2019 WEGO Health Patient Advisory Boardclick here to see my WEGO profile.
  2. ONO Pharma UK Patient Advisory Board (now disbanded).
  3. Multi-Med Inc Strategic Advisory Boardclick here.
  4. Ipsen Patient Advisory Board for their Living with NETs website.
  5. 2022 WEGO Health Patient Advisory Board (Health Uni0n)click here to see my WEGO profile.

Patients Included

Everything I do is about patients and my site is accredited as Patients Included. That means everything must have patient input.

Disclaimer and Disclosures

All information provided on any of my social media accounts does not constitute professional medical advice. See my disclaimer and disclosures here. 

My main sites are here (be careful not to unfollow or unlike!):

Blog – RonnyAllan.NETClick here

Twitter – @ronnyallan1 and @neuroendocrine

Facebook – Here are the main 3:

      • Neuroendocrine Cancer – my main site with over 11,000 followers as of Nov 2021) – click here and ‘Like‘ the page (BUT don’t unlike!)
      • Ronny Allan – additional output, more personal stuff – click here and ‘Follow’ (BUT don’t unfollow!)
      • World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day – my own version of the current misnomer day posting awareness 365 days per year. Click here and ‘Like(BUT don’t unlike!)

Newsletter – extending the reach into wider areas via a bi-monthly newsletter from twitter, my website, facebook, google alerts and other sources. click here to subscribe.

Instagram – click here to follow (mainly supporting my Ronny Allan Facebook page

YouTubeclick here to subscribe (mainly supporting my Ronny Allan Facebook page but also contains some of my video presentations)

Private Facebook Group (Educational focus) – I also have a private Facebook group which is the largest and the fastest-growing group in the NET community – click here to join (don’t forget to answer the questions).

Message me here: http://m.me/RonnyAllanBlog

Many of you who read this will already be on these sites so please ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ as appropriate – be careful you don’t ‘Unfollow’ or ‘Unlike’. Please don’t send friend requests to my personal profile, I need that for my ordinary life!

There are so many other sources of routes into my blog and I’m grateful to the many patient advocate organisations, patient advocates,patients and caregivers, and even the healthcare community; who provide some of these routes in.  If you’re reading this, thank you so much.

Please also note:
All information provided on any of my social media accounts does not constitute professional medical advice. See my disclaimer here: DISCLAIMER

Thanks for reading.


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