Intelligent patients – just what the doctor didn’t order


This blog was featured by Carcinoid Cancer Foundation


I’m extremely pleased and honoured to have been selected as the first guest contributor to feature in the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s blog site!

I’ve been following these guys since I was diagnosed.  They have been serving the Carcinoid/NET Community for over 44 Years and they are in my opinion the largest and most respected Carcinoid Cancer organisation on the planet.

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation began as the ‘Carcinoid Tumor and Serotonin Research Foundation’ in 1968 when the NIH fund for rare cancers was terminated. The name was changed to the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation in 1995. It is a non-profit organization chartered by the State of New York for the purpose of encouraging and supporting research and education on carcinoid and related neuroendocrine cancers.

The blog is designed to explain why I’ve felt it necessary to learn a lot more about both my disease and my general health; and why I think others would benefit.  The title is slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ but it touches on a lot of serious points for all Cancer patients. I hope you enjoy!


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My Diagnosis and Treatment History

Author: Ronny Allan

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9 thoughts on “Intelligent patients – just what the doctor didn’t order”

  1. Ah yes, also what the colorectal nurse didn’t order when faced with a patient’s wife who has read too much online and is firing questions can’t answer. Started with use of Questran, which she didn’t seem familiar with, then questions about why chemotherapy and not any alternative is being discussed. In the end the answer was “make a note and ask the oncologist…”

  2. Great insightful piece Ronny thanks, I have two comments, Firstly perhaps I was lucky with my initial treatment my GP was fantastic, that said its a real frustration of mine (a personal soapbox if you will), how poor some sectors are at communicating and its often professionals. I spend a huge part of my working day with finance professionals in healthcare and trying to get them to communicate effectively with clinicians, and yet conversely some clinical professionals are really poor at communicating back. Over use of jargon or medical speak being two of the biggest causes. well done Ronny keep it up

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