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I recently met a colleague who I hadn’t seen for 30 years. He was more than just a colleague, he was once my ‘Commanding Officer’. He had been made aware of my illness but after asking how I was, he was content with my short explanation I’m not dead yet. The great thing about soldiery is that it’s perfectly acceptable to make simple and light hearted statements about very difficult situations. The other great thing is that you can pick up where you left off 30 years ago, as if it were only yesterday.  And ‘Bravado’ is not only acceptable, it’s mandatory!

A week later, I received a very nice Christmas card from my old friend with a message which included “…… the old light is still burning brightly“. It was a metaphor but something I needed to hear.

Neuroendocrine Cancer can damage or take our body parts, cause us pain and discomfort, disrupt our lives through constant treatment and surveillance, giving us much uncertainty and anxiety in the process. It will most definitely try to kill us. Despite that, we must keep our lights burning as bright as we can.  The flame of hope never goes out.

Best wishes


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Remember ….. in the war on Neuroendocrine Cancer, let’s not forget to win the battle for better quality of life!



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