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Hi NETworkers!

Welcome to my third ‘community’ newsletter, the monthly summary of NET news, views and ICYMI (in case you missed it!).

January was a month for breaking records.  I recorded the biggest ever amount of views in any one day, any one week and now any one month and it will probably be a long time before they’re broken again! This was mainly due to the fantastic support you showed for one particular blog post The Anatomy Of Neuroendocrine Cancer.  Thank you all so much 

January was also a month for making new friends after being invited to speak to an audience of 30 pharma managers at Ipsen’s Germany HQ near Karlsruhe.  I was made very welcome by the Ipsen staff and I think it’s great they want to hear the patient voice.  Bad weather was coming in fast and I only just escaped in time from Frankfurt Airport, suffering a 2 hour delay while the plane was ‘de-iced’.  Nonetheless, I really enjoyed a flying visit to a country where I had lived for 12 years in the 70s/80s.  See my Facebook post about this visit:

New Blogs Published

A busy month for new blogs. Due to the vagaries of Facebook inner workings, some of these may not have even shown on your timeline.  So, ICYMI …….here’s a summary with links:

Other News in Jan 2017

New Audiences for NET Cancer.  From Day 1, I said it was my aim to find new audiences for NETS rather than just share stuff within our own community.  Two new openings in Dec to report:

  • Ipsen isn’t really a new audience but the individual employees at their German HQ are now more aware of life with Neuroendocrine Cancer.  See my Facebook post about this visit:
  • I’m ‘extremely’ active on twitter and I find a lot of my research stuff there.  I also use it to support other conditions and it’s mostly returned (i.e. others help with NET awareness).   There is so much on twitter that I could swamp the community Facebook site so I started a twitter newsletter via an app called Nuzzel which seeks out stuff I normally like.  You can sign up for this newsletter here as I won’t be posting it every day.  Click this link and sign up if you think this is something you’d be interested in receiving.
  • I’m making new friends in the interventional radiologist community having been invited to join their twitter chat.  Many of us will know an Interventional Radiologist (some are known as Interventional Oncologists) following treatment (e.g. a liver embolization). I’m hoping to soon have access to some great videos about their work with NETs.
  • I’m proud to have been asked to become a ‘Community Champion’ on the Macmillan Cancer Support Forum.  I’ll be reporting on this in the coming weeks.

Patients Included.  A new campaign for 2017 and I’ll shortly be bringing you news of an opportunity in Mar 2017.  We want to be included right?

Blog Milestone.  My blog tipped over 220,000 views in Jan and I’m half way from the 1 Jan position to reaching a quarter of a million.  Thanks – keep sharing!

Facebook Milestone.  My Facebook page is now my biggest outlet for awareness and education so please please please recommend this page to anyone you think would be interested.  The picture of the invite button shown here is an example from a windows computer, it may differ on other platforms.



Where did January Blog views come from – Top 10 countries:


For interest the 10 Ten Facebook followers by City:


Thanks for your great support in January – a great start to 2017.



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