NETDetect: Earlier diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Cancer gets a boost

Dr Eugene Woltering – NET Specialist

It’s well known that Neuroendocrine Cancer is difficult to detect and as a consequence, many people are not diagnosed until late stages. The difficulty in detection is not just focussed on the complexity of the disease but also the lack of understanding within the medical community who don’t always see sufficient evidence to refer the person on to receive expensive testing and in some cases confirmatory and expensive imaging which may not show small tumours. Currently, there’s no screening test for Neuroendocrine Cancer for the simple fact that it’s not a high population disease and it’s not a known killer.

This development from well known NET Specialist Dr Eugene Woltering could help bridge that gap although some suspicion to utilise the development would still be required. The big advantage of this development over the current set of diagnostics for Neuroendocrine Cancer is its non-invasive method and (hopefully) low cost in comparison to conventional techniques.

The screening test, NETDetect, will use DNA extracted from the stool and compare it to known genes associated with NETs. It’s not yet commercialised but new funding will take it a step closer.

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