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2019 has been quite a year and my blog views are the highest they have ever been.  They could have been even higher had I written more articles instead of resting on my laurels after reaching ONE MILLON total views in June of this year.  Will try harder in 2020! (edit – COVID changed those plans)

Things are so hectic I might need to think about more resources for my website/blog going forward.  Much of the effort in 2019 has been directed in building up my private group, the fastest growing NET group on earth and based on current size and growth rate, it will soon be the biggest (edit: it is now).   I also need more resources in the private group, not just more moderators (any volunteers?) but also more very knowledgeable patients who also believe in the principles on which the private group has been established and now runs.

Of the approximately 370,000 views of my blog site in 2019, the top 10 articles account for almost 100,000.  They are a mix of my top awareness posts and the posts which are popular with patients and their supporters, mainly because they are so helpful (I’m told).

Thanks for supporting me in 2019, I hope to improve my services to you in 2020, in particular via my website (which will contain my blog articles and other useful stuff).

To read these articles, click on the title or the picture:

  1. Neuroendocrine Cancer – normally slow but always sneaky

2. Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer – a site by Ronny Allan 

3. Neuroendocrine Cancer: A Witch’s Brew (Clinical Esoterica)

4.  Diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer? – 10 questions to ask your doctor (and where to find a NET Specialist Worldwide)

5. Neuroendocrine Cancer – Ronny Allan: Background to my Diagnosis and Treatment

6. Neuroendocrine Neoplasms – Grade and Stage (incorporating WHO 2019 changes)

7. The Syndromes of Neuroendocrine Cancer – Early Signs of a Late Diagnosis

8. Neuroendocrine Cancer – tumour markers and hormone levels

9. Pancreatic Cancer vs Neuroendocrine Tumours of Pancreatic origin

10. Steve Jobs – the most famous Neuroendocrine Cancer Ambassador we NEVER had

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