Eat that doughnut!


I was recently reminded of a post I wrote called “The Other 5 Es”.  I later changed the name to “The 6 Es”.  The reason I wrote that post was due to the blanket use of something called The 5 Es of Carcinoid Syndrome” in my private group. Taking this out of context can lead to unnecessary worry and constraints for many.

I laughed out loud when I saw the reminder from my Facebook where I introduced this new blog post and it simply read “Eat that doughnut”.  What I didn’t confirm was that I was using a metaphor. I was inferring that we shouldn’t unnecessary restrict our lives when something is low risk, particularly when something we are told is a ‘no no’ has been said out of context and does not apply to you as an individual.  Day to day living has risks but we get on with it right?

When someone is given added years to their life, it’s important to also add life to those years.   So eat that doughnut!

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2 thoughts on “Eat that doughnut!

  • Anne Dabbs

    Hello Ronny!, I had somehow missed your 6th “Eat something naughty “ and just caught up with this email. LOVE IT! I agree with you….learn which E is your most troublesome obstacle and then incorporate the others as best you can! Have loved your travels photos this summer…looking forward to signs of autumn.

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