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HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to Ronny Allan’s Community newsletter for December 2017. A quieter month due to the holiday season in the latter half.  I was generally quieter in the first half too, maybe that’s a good thing? Nonetheless, I still managed to accumulate nearly 20,000 hits this month.

At the end of 2017, I’ve been reflecting on the amazing support from you guys.  I’m a bit ‘discombobulated’ but also proud to see that I’ve had an amazing quarter of a million hits on my blog site in 2017 alone, double the 2016 figure.  It seems almost impossible to carry that momentum on in 2018 but I’ll give it a go!  Check out my top 6 posts of 2017 by clicking here.

AND ….. I’m now officially ronnyallan.NET (how apt is that!)

ALSO …. I’m offering Google translate on each blog page and post to better service my international followers.


I caught this news in my social media NET

  1. NET Incidence UK. New figures from Public Health England confirms the incidence of NETs continues to rise supporting my 2 year old article indicating it was not rare, just less common.  The data was published quietly by NET Patient Foundation in their December 2017 newsletter. Check out the new data by clicking here.
  2. PRRT. Anticipation is rising awaiting the US FDA approval and a NICE statement on expansion in England.  In Scotland, I have anecdotal evidence that PRRT is being set up as a routine service in Glasgow Beaston (will update you when I have something concrete).  Read the updated post here.
  3. Pheochromocyoma/Paraganglioma.  Check out news of a new drug in the pipeline – Azedra (not approved yet) – click here.

Blog Site Activity  

Due to the vagaries of Facebook inner workings, some of these articles created or majorly updated in Dec 2017 may not have even shown on your timeline.  So, ICYMI …….here’s a summary with links, includes updated blogs. You can actually sign up to receive my blog articles direct to your inbox when published – subscribe here.

  NETs – A Surveillance Society – make sure you are getting the right checks
  Updated version of Somatostatin Analogues Pipeline (including news of delivery systems – smaller needles, nasal spray, capsules)
  Great video update from Dr Jonathan Strosberg

graphic courtesy of ITM AG
Expanding PRRT update
  My November Newsletter in case you missed it.

Other Activity

December was quiet but I’m out there looking for opportunities to spread awareness and advance the cause of Neuroendocrine Cancer patients.  Thank you all so much for the support in helping me do this.

  • Please join my 2018 awareness campaign event here (select ‘Going’)

  • I continue to receive a steady flow of private contacts, mainly from patients seeking information.  I don’t have an issue with private contact but please note my disclaimer
  • Please also note that due to sheer numbers of requests, I cannot accept telephone or video calls on a one to one basis. Please just message me and I will respond – see “Send Message” button when you CLICK HERE. (also please ‘Like’ this page if you have not already done so)
  • The number of non-patients contacting me for other reasons (mainly to help with something) continues to grow and this is producing some great publicity and awareness.
  • In December, the total number of people from USA on my main Facebook page exceeded 3000 – check out the announcement here.

New Audiences for NET Cancer

From Day 1, I said it was my aim to find new audiences for NETs rather than just share stuff within our own community. I’m doing this although it may not always be apparent.

  • Article features.
    • Cure Magazine.  I’ve been accepted as a ‘Cure Today’ contributor which means my articles will get a wider distribution than they do now.  Cure Magazine has a readership of 1 million.  Click here to read more. In October, I was featured in Cure Magazine twice.  I have been so busy in 2017 but I have plans to increase my presence there in 2018:
“Cancer isn’t all about me”
“Poker Face or Cancer Card”
  • Twitter. I’m ‘extremely’ active on twitter and I find a lot of research stuff there, in addition to new audiences. I also use it to support other conditions and it’s mostly returned (i.e. others help with NET awareness and are made aware of NETs in the process).  There are people regularly retweeting my stuff who do not have a personal interest in NETs. In Dec, I tweeted 140 times on my personal account which led to over 100,000 views.  I was mentioned 90 times by other tweeters, 2526 people looked at my profile and I gained 40 new followers.  My tweet “Ignore this post” remains the most tweeted article about NETs ever posted on twitter.  Check it out – click here.
  • Daily Newsletter from my twitter feed (Nuzzel).  There is so much on twitter that I could swamp the community Facebook site so I started a twitter newsletter via an app called Nuzzel which seeks out stuff I normally like. This has been a huge success from my point of view. Click this link and sign up if you think this is something you’d be interested in receiving – you don’t need to have a twitter account to read, just sign up with an email.  I’ve been pushing this newsletter quite a bit in Dec which has upped my subscriber base to 415 – a 10% increase on last month.
  • WEGO. I continue to be featured by ‘external’ organisations such as WEGO and my PODCAST is reaching new audiences – click here.  The recent awards will continue to showcase my work which has the effect of spreading Neuroendocrine Cancer awareness to NEW audiences in addition to enriching my experience as a Patient Leader.  WEGO is a fantastic organisation!

WEGO Awards

Speaking Engagements

On 16 November, I spoke for around 45 minutes at an Ipsen sponsored NET Nurse event in Birmingham. Tough gig!  Post to follow when I have the official photos. Still waiting on feedback from the sponsor.

Watch this space as I’m working on quite a few projects concurrently.

Social Media and Stats

Blog Milestone.  In December, I accelerated past 445,000 views! Thank you all so much Keep sharing!  On track for half a million by end of February 2018.

Facebook Milestone.  I would love to have achieved 6000 followers by the end of 2017 but that is now an almost impossible challenge without your direct involvement!  The Facebook page is now my biggest outlet for awareness and education so please please please recommend this page to anyone you think would be interested. There are buttons to share the page and invite others to ‘Like’ it.

Also check out my sister Facebook sites here (go to these pages and click on ‘Like’)

These are fallback  sites to counter the Facebook algorithm whereby you may not see all my posts on the main site (click on the links to see the pages)

Ronny Allan’s Community

Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness and Networking


I’m expanding into Instagram to see how that goes. I’ve amassed over 240 followers to date. Initially, I’ll just be posting pictures of things that inspire me, mostly scenic photos of places I’ve been or want to go!  You can follow me here:  Click here to go to my Instagram page

Community Statistics (the measurement of my efforts on your behalf)


An amazing amount of awareness and hopefully, support for others.  However, I cannot do this without you guys liking, commenting and sharing!  The likes give me motivation, the comments and private messages give me inspiration or at least a chance to explain further – and they also keep me humble.  The sharing gives me a bigger platform.  A bigger platform generates more awareness.

Thanks for your great support in December.  Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for reading


I’m also active on Facebook.  Like my page for even more news.  I’m also building up this site here: Ronny Allan


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Remember ….. in the war on Neuroendocrine Cancer, let’s not forget to win the battle for better quality of life!

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