Ronny Allan: Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer during COVID-19 restrictions 3 – An injection, hair cut and a broken tooth


Aged 18 – that’s me on the left. My hair is currently as long as it’s been since then!

This is the third part of a new series entitled Ronny Allan: Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer during COVID-19 restrictions. During my self imposed isolation of 14 days after developing “a new and continuous cough”, I documented almost daily during this period but only on my public Facebook page entitled “my 14 day self isolation diary” – I compiled it here – click here to read.

In the first update of this series, I explained that I kept my diary going, but again, only on my public Facebook page, so I was prompted to document these on my blog site to cater for those not on Facebook who only see what I produce in blog format. But it’s my intention to also post these on my other public Facebook sites. Because I was self isolating, Chris was also isolating under the rules and she was also feeling under the weather. During our self isolation period, the government ordered a “lock-down” (a bit like the shelter in place term used in USA) but out of self isolation, we were still allowed out for some exercise and other essential trips such as doctors appointments and shopping for essential items.

The second update is nice walk to a local beauty spot and back.

Needing an injection and a haircut (14th April 2020)

Well that’s Lanreotide injection number 123 done – and it was easy as 123 – Len Barry 1965 – great song –

The nurse was ‘aproned up’ with a mask. She was in and out in 10 minutes and took care not to touch anything she didn’t need to touch. Distance was observed except of course for the ‘stab’. We’re normally quite chatty but we both understood why the situation is currently different. When she left, I carefully covered all the tracks cleaning everything with antibac etc etc. The only other time a person has been in our property in the last 30 days, it was the same nurse!

I really need a haircut! Just like on this picture – that’s me far left on the lead picture.

Thanks for continuing to support my posts and website – – hits are down but that’s understandable. Thanks again all and stay safe and sane please

Broken tooth and a walk (15th April 2020)

Don’t seem to have done much since yesterday except to say a bit of a tooth broke off last night and Chris and I went for a walk. Spookily there’s a connection between the two events. Although I was eating a chewy sweet (candy) at the time of the incident, it must have been weak. The piece of tooth is only around 2mm but as many of you will have experienced, my tongue keeps exploring the location and it seems around 2cm! I doubt I’ll get a dentist appointment for a few months.

My wandering mind made me think I might not be getting enough natural forms of vitamin D, thus why we zoomed out this morning for around 3-4 miles in the nice sunshine. Stopped off in the pharmacy on the way back to collect a prescription. It’s not a very big town but it does look a dangerous place to be so won’t be going back anytime soon!

Despite the tooth issue, we still managed to walk out to a nice section of disused railway on the southern edge of town, plenty water and wildlife. We often see deer there but none today. Managed to snap a few photos. Our weather has been rather good since lockdown but I wonder if the rain will start as we come out of it 🤔

Chris on the Castleman Trailway – disused railway line
Ringwood Church
One of many rivers in Ringwood
One of many rivers in Ringwood – taken from a bridge on the Castleman Trailway – disused railway line
The River Avon travelling through Ringwood. Taken from a bridge on the Castleman Trailway – disused railway line

Other stuff

The lockdown has given me some time to look at a new software package I had to help convert my blogsite into a website – this is still ongoing but check out my new menus.  Plus I’m working on an A to Z feature but it’s still a work in progress (proving very difficult to get the A to Z widget to work) – check it out so far.

Private Group. There’s a constant stream of new members and discussions continue in this Facebook private group (click here to join). The group is quieter than usual but Neuroendocrine Cancer issues continue, people continue to be diagnosed and arrive in need of help – often just someone to listen. London and New York are the biggest two cities represented in the private group and I see them both in the headlines – please take care all.

Many thanks and stay safe

Thanks for reading


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