Ronny Allan: Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer during COVID-19 restrictions 1 – out of isolation

everything is going to be OK

It’s been over a week since I came out of my self imposed isolation of 14 days after developing “a new and continuous cough”. Although I’m much better now, nothing has really changed in that I’m sticking to my own property pretty much all of the time. In case you missed my 14 day self isolation diary – I compiled it here – click here to read.

Since coming out of isolation, we’ve been for a couple of government mandated walks from our house (max 1 hour) – it’s fairly easy to find empty streets and lanes around here, so we’re quite lucky. I did notice people keeping a wide berth of each other – very sensible.

In UK, we’re worried about our Prime Minister, no nation likes their leader being ill in times of crisis, despite a strong and stable cabinet system in place. I’m thankful to see the many messages of support from around the world and across the political divide. Edit: He’s a lot better now and may be back to work soon.

Discussions continue in my Facebook private group (click here to join). The group is quieter than usual but Neuroendocrine Cancer issues continue, people continue to be diagnosed and arrive in need of help – often just someone to listen. London and New York are the biggest two cities represented in the private group and I see them both in the headlines – please take care all.

I’ve been writing updates directly into Facebook and I know some of you reading my blog site via subscription are not on Facebook.  I’ll therefore release some of my Facebook updates here on my website every day or two.

Many thanks and stay safe

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2 thoughts on “Ronny Allan: Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer during COVID-19 restrictions 1 – out of isolation

  • Marie Hughes

    I was recently diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer that has spread to lymph nodes on my neck.
    It is the same as cancer I had in my throat 6 yrs. ago. Also found multitude of nodes on both lungs.
    I will be starting AFINITOR and would like to be in contact with others. I am told head and neck cancer is rare and I’m having a hard time finding Oncologist who is familiar with it in my area. Would like to feel I’m not alone.

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