My treatment is a pain in the butt!


The post header is a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ (…. did you see what I did there?)  I’m very happy to have this treatment every 4 weeks – I can think of far worse scenarios. When I was first diagnosed, the dreaded word ‘Chemo‘ was discussed.  Chemo isn’t particularly effective in treating the lower grades of Neuroendocrine Cancer but it is used extensively at high grade and often in Grade 2 showing more effectiveness in pancreatic NETs.  Looking back though, my Oncologist may have meant in conjunction with a liver embolization (i.e. TACE) on the basis this was scheduled once in June 2011 following liver surgery.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was a tad squeamish when it came to injections, even the smallest would make me cringe and I couldn’t bear to watch any needle pierce my flesh! With the experience of being a self-injector in the early days, plus many lanreotides under my belt, more blood tests than you can imagine, I no longer have a fear of injections. However, the Lanreotide is the biggest injection I’ve ever had.  It’s not so much the length but the bore (gauge) as the drug has a certain viscosity.  As at February 2021, I’ve had 134 shots of Lanreotide.   Read more here.

Is it a pain in the butt? Not really, you can feel it go in and you can feel the release of the drug but nothing to worry about.  However, there seems to be a wide variation in patient experience. 

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