Another dartboard event, another first

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On 7th October 2023, another dartboard event, another first.  I think I’ve lost count of my Covid 19 and Flu vaccinations, particularly the latter which has been going on for 20+ years.  But this year was the first time I received both vaccinations at the same time. This is known in healthcare circles as ‘coadministration’ and is widespread practice.  Both references below (UK and US) confirm this strategy. 

Coadministration of Covid-19 and Flu is new on the basis that Covid-19 is relatively new.  Clearly a sign of the times but from what I’ve read and studied, it’s safe and effective with no compromise in the efficacy of the vaccines.

There are no contraindications with these vaccines and any of my Neuroendocrine Cancer medications, or indeed any of my medications. 24 hours after the double injection, I can confirm only minor injection site pain was experienced. 

I had them in the same arm

In 2012, I had nine left axillary lymph nodes removed of which five tested positive for NET.  This area had been lighting up on nuclear scan (In111 Octreoscan).  Following that surgery, I was advised to avoid the use of my left arm for injections and even after 13 years, I still follow that advice. 

So, when I read up on coadministration using the same arm, I found that it’s also common practice for this type of scenario. I referenced both UK and US authorities and both mention it as safe as long as there is at least one inch (2.54cm) distance between the shots.  And without prompting my GP earlier today, that is exactly what he told me he would do. 

I only mentioned two references earlier but clearly your own country or state authority will have similar advice.  Check it out. 


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