A painting from America

Which one is the painting? (See separate originals below)

I’ve always been one to keep an eye out for the postman (the postie as we say here). Even as a heavy user of computers, I still get excited about receiving ‘paper’ mail.  Other than birthday cards, I personally don’t tend to see many handwritten letters nowadays. In today’s internet connected world, handwritten letters are always exciting, always special. 

This time it was a parcel from USA but unlike the story “Letter from America” (see below), I was expecting this one.  One of the NET community had selected one of my walk pictures and decided to paint it.  She is a real artist, and you can tell that from the picture above. When you look at them side by side, they could both be paintings.  I’m so thankful to Jeanne for this wonderful gesture.  It will be framed and hung in a suitable place in our house in England. 

I also loved writing the story I wrote in 2018 shortly after winning the WEGO Health Best in Show Blog. I had been in the final the two previous years and finally won the award on third attempt. I’m so grateful to the community for their support as bloggers can only get into the final via votes and 3 times you guys voted me in to the final, thanks again.  Read the story here or click the picture. 

letter from america envelope

The original photo (click on the picture to see my walk)
The original photo of the painting (click on the picture to see comments from the community)
Now fixed on my dining room wall!

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One thought on “A painting from America

  • Jeanne Long

    The painting was already half done in the composition of such a beautiful, emotion-filled photo by Ronny! It was painted as a small thank you to him for being such a welcoming port in a storm for the family of a recently diagnosed neuroendocrine patient. Through Ronny’s expertise and generosity so many learn from him on a daily basis ways to deal with this challenging illness. And his walks through the English countryside with his lovely wife Chris inspire in so many ways to press on!

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