We are still here!


I’m always amazed at the responses to my post “I’m still here” and it has become a bit of a catchphrase I use, even in response to a question in my private group.

What I see is that many of us are still here and I wanted to dedicate this post to those who frequently join in with my “I’m still here” posts.

I’m glad you’re still here too.  Share or comment if you agree!

We are still here

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My cancer is incurable but treatable, but I will never call it terminal.  Despite some issues so far, I’m still here and I intend to be here next year, and for many more years after that!


For the record, I’m aware that friends and relatives are no longer her and I send my sincere condolences to those grieving and missing a loved one ♥

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One thought on “We are still here!

  • Hazel Ingram

    I’m still here. Learning to live well with my disease and enjoying life. Family and friends are most important and appreciating sunrises, sunsets, footy and films. Family times and my village community, lots to be grateful for .

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