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I should be happy with just over a third of a million views in 2020 but I’m not!   I had a target to beat 370,500 from 2019 but fell short by 35,000 (an average month).  However, you can see from the chart below, I was on track in Jan/Feb but knocked sideways by the COVID pandemic in March to August. I never got back above 30k in one month (my average) until November. December is traditionally quieter.  Hopefully 2021 will be a better year.  Facebook is a prime outlet for my blog views (by a country mile) and part of my strategy was to publish more stuff direct to Facebook in an attempt to keep people’s spirits up and that contributed to a reduction in blog views.  I hope to be able to do both more successfully in 2021!

2020 monthly statistics (blog views) for RonnyAllan.NET

I was totally astonished to have been able to accumulate a million views of my blog around the middle of June 2019 and now in December 2020, a Christmas present of one and a half million!  When I first set it up in Apr 2014, it was just to help spread awareness whilst I was walking the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall with my wife Chris. I never thought for one minute I would reach 1.5 million hits and accumulating around 17,000 followers across all my social media sites.

Thanks a MILLION …and another half! – Ronny Allan – Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer

What was hot in 2020? 

The top ten most read posts for 2020 can be found below for your perusal and sharing.  I did not count my home page which runs at around 15,000 hits per year.  I smashed through one and a half million views in December and have set myself a stretch target of 2 million at the end of 2021 ……. which means more posts and more sharing and reading from you guys and new followers through growth!

Today – the following is the total number of views of my blog!
Diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer? – 10 questions to ask your doctor (and where to find a NET Specialist Worldwide) – this is an ever increasingly popular post and one which people frequently return to including for the purposes of helping others who have the same questions.  It’s the first time my ‘slow but sneaky’ article has not been in top spot each year since published.  9,480
Neuroendocrine Cancer – normally slow but always sneaky – my most read blog post and knocked into 2nd place despite almost 10,000 views in a single year.  This is a powerful, no holds barred, awareness post.  It’s aimed at people who are not currently NET patients as awareness but I’m told it also helps them to understand why NET patients struggle.  9,434
Neuroendocrine Neoplasms – Grade and Stage (incorporating WHO 2019 changes) – Some very basic information and it’s clear from feedback that many patients, patient advocates, patient advocate organisations and doctors remain out of date.  8,260
Ronny Allan: Background to my Diagnosis and Treatment – Neuroendocrine Cancer –  my own story.  6,923
Laurentide vs Octreotide – the mainstay therapies known as somatostatin analogues.  A comparison of both, a frequently asked question.  6,268
Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19): risks for cancer patientsThis was a one off entry and something I was quick to publish early on in the pandemic.  I was prompted by the many questions and I pulled together something from medical sources and later added information coming from NET doctors.  It should not be used as a current source given the tsunami sources now in place for all of us. I see the same thing now happening to the vaccine though – a lack of comment from NET doctors.  6,143
The Syndromes of Neuroendocrine Cancer – Early Signs of a Late Diagnosis – a summary of all the different syndromes related to Neuroendocrine Cancer and an attempt to dispel the myth that everyone has so called carcinoid syndrome. 5,765
All you need to know about Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) – a compendium of information sources and another frequently asked question.  5,096
The A to Z of Neuroendocrine Cancer – a huge project for me in 2920 taking some months to baseline and is a work in progress.  4,957
Neuroendocrine Cancer – tumour markers and hormone levels – one of my oldest articles, a compendium of tests my anatomy and a constant area of enquiry.   4,733


As I said above, Facebook is the prime outlet for my blog site and websites in general.  I posted my smaller one below which has accelerated beyond 5000 followers in 2020. These are important outlets because most people tend to use Facebook rather than other mediums such as twitter and email subscriptions to my sites.  Peruse my Facebook page below and note this is the one I have been suing to help people cope via my own experiences and this has been very well received to the point that I am considering setting up a new site focussed on travel and exercise – this would be in the context of something with cancer.   Please do not ‘Unlike’ this page by mistake!  I post more technical stuff on Neuroendocrine Cancer

Many thanks for your support in 2020 and I’ll continue to serve you to the best of my abilities in 2021 and beyond!  My best wishes to every reader and their families wherever you and they are in the world. 

Thanks for reading.


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3 thoughts on “A 2020 blog review (RonnyAllan.NET)

  • Tom Wilson

    With your audience size, it would be so helpful to develop a rating system for medical professionals that we all see. A rating system with quantitative and qualitative inputs to help others make more informed decisions who to depend on or seek second opinions from.

    I shared this concept with the Wisconsin based EPIC (#1 EMR software in the U.S.). While patients are viewing their data, they could provide valuable data for other patients and feedback to clinics regarding patient services.

    • ……. plus this is really a problem for countries who don’t have an accreditation system like Europe, where the emphasis is on the centre rather than an individual. USA needs to catch up here.

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