A Newsletter from RonnyAllan.NET – 12th February 2023

Newsletter from Ronny Allan - 12th February 2023

Welcome to my new template newsletter compiled using WordPress (my blog app). I generated a template similar to my previous email newsletter and hopefully this will work out.  But it does rely on you opening the email notification you receive.   This is a bit of a practice so I'm hoping this format will work (Please support it!) and I'll continue to look for a suitable app which meets my needs in the meantime.

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My award winning blog is central to everything I do, without it, there is no Facebook, twitter or private group.  It follows that supporting my blog is also supporting those other outlets.  The widget below displays the last 9 published posts with lead photo and short description plus the ability to share it on yiur social media or other outlet. 

Never mind the Bollocks – here’s the cancer

I don’t tend to share some very personal stuff, but this is on the boundary of that rule and there are some important messages to

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First and only FDA-cleared, fully automated chromogranin A assay

There has been controversy about the utility of Chromogranin A for many years now.  Specialists have been critical about its use but to be fair

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Neuroendocrine Cancer: Question, Clarify, Confirm

One of the many observations I make in my private Neuroendocrine Cancer Facebook group is the misunderstandings caused by the use of non-standard terminology combined

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Clinical Trial – Lutathera NETTER-2 Important Update

UPDATE – Sep 25th, 2023 – Novartis radioligand therapy Lutathera® demonstrated statistically significant and clinically meaningful progression-free survival in first line advanced gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

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Lanreotide: Ipsen injection devices vs generic injection devices

Lanreotide: Ipsen injection devices vs generic injection devices

Whenever I get a chance to talk to a pharma involved in somatostatin analogue injection devices, I tell them one very important thing …… “To

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Cancer doesn’t take holidays (but I do)

Glen Etive Scotland in 2018 After diagnosis in July 2010, with the exception of a planned holiday to Turkey prior to my ‘big surgery’, holidays

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Update from Ronny Allan: No evidence of progressive disease at any site

Update August 2023. Latest CT surveillance scan reports “No evidence of progressive disease at any site”. Very pleased! With incurable but treatable cancers such as

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Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is medicine.  Clearly I need to be careful with that statement given my aversion for cancer myths.  However, those who know me will totally

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Jimmy Buffett 1946-2023 – Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (Merkel Cell Carcinoma)

US singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, best known for his 1970’s hit Margaritaville, has died aged 76. “Jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of September 1

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General Clinical Trials Disclaimer

Choosing to participate in a study is an important personal decision. Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to join a study. To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contacts provided in the clinical trials document. It’s very important to check the trial inclusion and exclusion criteria before making any contact.  If you need questions, the articles here is very useful Questions to Ask About Clinical Trials | Cancer.Net

The inclusion of any trial within this blog should not be taken as a recommendation by Ronny Allan. 


I have the biggest Facebook support group in the world for Neuroendocrine Cancer (8000+ members). It is rules based but also educational based.  It is open to patients and/or their primary supporter. In this group you will not see the ‘tat’ and ‘myths’ you see in other groups.  Click the green box below to join but you must answer all questions otherwise you will be delayed or not accepted. 

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I look well but you should see my insidesMore stats12,159
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I bet my flush beats yours?More stats11,265
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Neuroendocrine Cancer – the diarrhea jigsawMore stats11,053
Surgery for Neuroendocrine Neoplasms – to cut or not to cut?More stats10,969
Chemotherapy for Neuroendocrine CancerMore stats10,765
Targeted Alpha-emitter Therapy (TAT) – the wave of the future in nuclear oncology/PRRT?More stats10,677
Neuroendocrine Cancer and Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy (PERT) – the Digested Version (Nutrition Series Article 5)More stats10,445
“You must be doing OK, you’ve not had chemotherapy”More stats10,386
My tribute to Wilko Johnson #NeuroendocrineCancer – Rock and Roll Wilko!More stats9,251
Neuroendocrine Cancer: Ga68 PET Scan – a game changer?More stats9,099
Neuroendocrine Cancer is not a ‘type’ of another Cancer ….. PERIOD!More stats9,067
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Somatostatin ReceptorsMore stats8,783
I’m still hereMore stats8,744
Irrfan KhanMore stats8,727
Genetics and Neuroendocrine TumorsMore stats8,305
Shame on you!More stats8,203
Treatment for Neuroendocrine Cancer – a summary for patientsMore stats8,094
Immunotherapy: Studies with Neuroendocrine NeoplasmsMore stats8,072
Neuroendocrine…..the little suckers get everywhere!More stats7,946
Neuroendocrine – don’t let it be a CrisisMore stats7,829
In the war on Neuroendocrine Cancer, let’s not forget to win the battle for better quality of lifeMore stats7,497
Telotristat Ethyl (XERMELO®) – an oral treatment for Carcinoid Syndrome Diarrhea not adequately controlled by Somatostatin AnaloguesMore stats7,422
Currently trending on RonnyAllan.NETMore stats7,381
Theranostics for Neuroendocrine Cancer – A Find and Destroy MissionMore stats7,352
Rosacea – the NET EffectMore stats7,321
Neuroendocrine Cancer: Troublesome ThyroidsMore stats7,256
Neuroendocrine Cancer Nutrition Series Article 3 – Gut HealthMore stats7,230
Neuroendocrine Tumours: a spotlight on Pheochromocytoma and ParagangliomaMore stats7,093
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The Invisible NET Patient Population More stats7,010
Chemo or not Chemo – that is the question More stats6,983
Opinion: Neuroendocrine Cancer – Can it be cured?More stats6,814
Neuroendocrine Cancer: Nodes, Nodules, Lesions (and false alarms!)More stats6,777
At home with Lanreotide (….and Octreotide)More stats6,668
Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it.More stats6,599
Clinical Trial – Cabozantinib for Neuroendocrine NeoplasmsMore stats6,581
Somatostatin Analogues and delivery methods in the pipelineMore stats6,576
Neuroendocrine – what’s that?More stats6,542
Neuroendocrine Cancer: I CanMore stats6,489
Palliative Care – it might just save your lifeMore stats6,448
Neuroendocrine Cancer: Fibrosis – an unsolved mystery?More stats6,420
Detective DoctorsMore stats6,406
Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19): risks for cancer patientsMore stats6,291
Lanreotide – Four more yearsMore stats6,272
Neuroendocrine Cancer: Diagnosing the UndiagnosedMore stats6,111
Weight – the NET EffectMore stats6,046
Don’t be underactive with your Thyroid surveillanceMore stats6,022
The Heterogeneity of Grade 3 (High grade) Neuroendocrine NeoplasmsMore stats6,007
Olivia Williams – Neuroendocrine Cancer (VIPoma)More stats6,001
Alcohol – the NET EffectMore stats5,960
Neuroendocrine Cancer Nutrition Series Part 6 – featuring the 2020 video series by Tara Whyand RDMore stats5,937
Diabetes – The NET EffectMore stats5,878
Neuroendocrine Cancer: a needle in a haystack?More stats5,835
Diagnosis – I’m no longer in controlMore stats5,802
Neuroendocrine Cancer – a difficult jigsawMore stats5,743
Neuroendocrine Cancer – my liver surgeryMore stats5,549
Detectnet™ (64Cu-DOTATATE) – an expansion of the Somatostatin Receptor PET Imaging for Neuroendocrine CancerMore stats5,535
Clinical Trials of PV-10 (Rose Bengal) for the treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET)More stats5,459
Neuroendocrine Cancer – I didn’t hear it comingMore stats5,329
Histotripsy: A new technique which destroys cancer using soundwaves (now in Clinical Trials)More stats5,241
Neuroendocrine Cancer – surveillance and follow upMore stats5,216
Things not to say to someone with cancerMore stats5,112
Colonoscopy ComedyMore stats5,046
Proton Pump Inhibitors (…..and H2 Blockers) the NET EffectMore stats5,032

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I am not a doctor or any form of medical professional, practitioner or counsellor. None of the information on my website, or linked to my website(s), or conveyed by me on any social media or presentation, should be interpreted as medical advice given or advised by me. 

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Please also note that mention of a clinical service, trial/study or therapy does not constitute an endorsement of that service, trial/study or therapy by Ronny Allan, the information is provided for education and awareness purposes and/or related to Ronny Allan’s own patient experience. This element of the disclaimer includes any complementary medicine, non-prescription over the counter drugs and supplements such as vitamins and minerals.

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