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In 2022, my pet project (my blog) hit 2 million views in early November – that was a major boost.  It takes 3-4 years to get a million hits based on current performance.  To be honest, I’m still flabbergasted by reaching one million in 2018. It just kinda happened!  I am grateful for every single view. 

2022 was a challenging year, mainly because the pandemic had some latent impact on my social media activity and also in terms of growth.  2020 and 2021 were slower than normal but 2022 has seen some pickup.  Some of it is due to less writing but much is due to a change in Facebook algorithms which affected many ‘pages’ reducing their scope (the more cynical might say it was done to drive advertising revenue but …….).   

2022 was also challenging as Chris and I both succumbed to Covid after dodging it since March 2020.  I guess it was bound to happen at some point, it was a tough couple of weeks.  Read about my experience by clicking here.  The impact of the pandemic also leaked into my surveillance scans and doctors are on the lookout for the effects of covid on surveillance scans causing imperfections on both nuclear PETs and CT.  Includes the after-effects of the infection. In my own case, both issues were found as the vaccine was causing reactive nodes to show, and after my infection, they spotted some ground glass opacity (GGO) on my lungs, a new phenomenon they now deal with. It was spotted on my annual surveillance CT and resulted in a repeat to check it was clearing up (it did).  Read about GGO here and for scan imperfections caused by vaccines, read here.

My page Neuroendocrine Cancer” was badly hit by the Facebook algorithm change but things are slowly improving. There is a long way to go still as I can’t work out whether the page is less supported, or the algorithm doesn’t work for the current content.  Using Facebook ads to improve hits has turned out to be hit-and-miss. I’m reviewing that. 

Running my Ronny Allan” Facebook page takes a lot of effort, but I get a lot of satisfaction from doing it (and the doing the travelling that supports it!).  I am using a slightly different type of page for this, so perhaps the algorithm is less sensitive or people just like the stuff I post there more than my standard blogs!  A work in progress to figure it all out. 

My new awareness page World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day is growing steadily but slower than I had initially hoped.

Despite the difficulties above, I still managed 271,963 blog views in the year 2022, higher than in 2021.  The gap would have been bigger had I been able to work throughout my C-19 infection. 

Looking forward to serving you in 2023! 

Today – the following figure is the total number of views of my blog! Can you help me get to 3 million?

ONE.  Diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer? – 10 questions to ask your doctor (and where to find a NET Specialist Worldwide)

The top post for 2022 is not a surprise – without sharing that blog post gets dozens of hits daily and I’m sure with many repeat visitors.  That said, I do share it a lot, particularly in my patient group. – Click here or on the picture.

Click on the picture to read more

TWO. Paul Hunter Tribute – Snooker champion and Neuroendocrine Cancer patient

This may be a surprise to you but not to me as I have been carefully tracking this one.  I rarely share it, but it gets thousands of views every year.  The reason is because Snooker is a well-known draw in UK and many other countries, and I carefully select hashtags on Twitter.  I’m 100% certain most of the views are coming from outside the NET community most likely from the Snooker community where Paul Hunter was very well-known.    Click here or on the picture

Click on the picture to read more

THREE. Histotripsy: A new technique which destroys cancer using soundwaves (now in Clinical Trials)

This is a surprise as it has become the most read blog post about a clinical trial.  There’s now even a feature from a NET patient taking part.  Click here or on the picture.

Click on the picture to read more

FOUR. The 3 x Award-Winning Blog and Community by Ronny Allan – Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer

This is actually a clip of the most popular views on my blog and a shortcut for those who want to read interesting stuff.  I think it’s making the 2022 charts because I once configured my blog to make this the home page.  It kinda worked!  Click here or on the picture to read more.

Click the picture to read more

FIVE. The A to Z of Neuroendocrine Cancer

My glossary of terms has become very popular.  Click here or on the picture to read more.

Click on the picture to read more

SIX. Grading and Staging – Neuroendocrine Neoplasms (incorporating WHO 2021 changes)

This is key information for all NET patients and this one is shared a lot by others and in my patient group. 

Click here or on the picture to read more.

Click on the picture to read more

SEVEN. Currently trending on RonnyAllan.NET

Not a surprise as I do share it a lot including on twitter.  Catch up here – shows most read views in the last 48 hours and automatically updates based on what is being read. 

Click here or on the picture to read.

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EIGHT. The Syndromes of Neuroendocrine Cancer – Early Signs of a Late Diagnosis

Not a surprise, it is one my oldest and established blogs which get’s many shares.  Click here or on the picture to read more.

Click the picture to read more

NINE. Steve Jobs – the most famous Neuroendocrine Cancer Ambassador we NEVER had

Another established blog and people keep finding it and reading it. 

Click here or on the picture to read more.

Click the picture to read more

TEN. Neuroendocrine Cancer: My experience with Lanreotide (Somatuline Autogel/Depot)

This post has become more popular over the years and I suspect I have shared so many injections every 28 days with “PoNETry” that it has increased hits (it is a popular subject though).  Click here or on the picture to read more. 

Click on the picture to read more.


2022 was an amazing year in many respects. I continue to live well with Neuroendocrine Cancer, almost like a chronic disease.  I’m not foolish enough to think I don’t need surveillance though.  That is ongoing, including regular contact when required with my primary and secondary care contacts.  The biggest problem I’ve had this year has been succumbing to “the other big C (after avoiding it for 28 months!) and lately, itchy skin including hives – but that is another story for another day.  You can read my NET clinical history here

A cup of tea

I would also mention those who contributed to my “Tea Fund” which resides on PayPal.  You don’t need a PayPal account as you can select a card but don’t forget to select the number of units first (i.e. 1 = £4, 2 = £8, 3 = £12, and so on), plus further on, tick a button to NOT create a PayPal account if you don’t need one.  Clearly, if you have a PayPal account, the process is much simpler 

Through your generosity, I am able to keep my sites running and provide various services for you.  I have some ideas for 2023 but they are not detailed enough to make announcements yet. 

This screenshot is from every single post on my website and depending on which machine you are using, it will either be top right of the post or at the bottom (my posts are often long, so scroll down!)


I am not a doctor or any form of medical professional, practitioner or counsellor. None of the information on my website, or linked to my website(s), or conveyed by me on any social media or presentation, should be interpreted as medical advice given or advised by me. 

Neither should any post or comment made by a follower or member of my private group be assumed to be medical advice, even if that person is a healthcare professional.   

Please also note that mention of a clinical service, trial/study or therapy does not constitute an endorsement of that service, trial/study or therapy by Ronny Allan, the information is provided for education and awareness purposes and/or related to Ronny Allan’s own patient experience. This element of the disclaimer includes any complementary medicine, non-prescription over the counter drugs and supplements such as vitamins and minerals.

Thanks for reading.


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